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  • How soon can I eat after a dental implant?

    You can eat the same day as your implant surgery. It is recommended to eat softer foods like fish, pasta or scrambled eggs. You can not eat anything too hard or anything with seeds in it.

  • What is dental laser filling?

    Laser is used to remove all of the decay in the tooth and it’s used to prepare the tooth for restorative material called composite (laser also disinfects the tooth)

  • Do dental implants hurt?

    Most dental implant procedures don’t hurt and the discomfort is minimal

  • Can laser cure gum disease?

    Laser provide the benefit of not only removing the bacteria but also killing them, this will reduce the bleeding and the swelling of the gums and it may eliminate the need of gum surgery. Home care is just as important as dental care

  • How long does it take for laser gum surgery to heal?

    The length for gum to heal depends on the severity of the disease, most healing on the surface takes 2-4 weeks. Deeper pocket areas may take several months to completely heal.

  • Is laser periodontal treatment effective?

    Yes periodontal laser treatment is less painful and more successful with a shorter healing time FDA cleared

  • Does laser dentistry hurt?

    Most laser procedures are remarkably comfortable in many cases no numbing is required, in many cases it eliminates soreness, bleeding, inflammation, sutures and numbness.

  • How is laser used in dentistry?

    Laser treatment is used to treat a number of different conditions remove tooth decay, treats gum disease, reshapes gum tissue and can be used during a root canal

  • Is laser dental treatments better?

    In most cases laser can make dental treatment more efficient, cost effective and comfortable

  • Does insurance cover laser dentistry?

    Some insurances cover and some don’t, every insurance is different and it all depends on what your employer and the insurance set up/agreement

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