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Dr. Julie Boudreault- Milton Dentist

Dr. Julie Boudreault

DMD Principal Dentist and Practice Owner

Dr Julie Boudreault graduated from University of Montreal with a Masters in Speech and Language Pathology in which field she worked for a few years and accumulated experience in voice disorders, stuttering, all forms of speech impairments, language disorders, autism, aphasia affecting stroke patients and àeven dysphagia (swallowing disorder). Dr Boudreault found herself falling in love with the orthodontic and dental sciences of the Speech pathology curriculum, which motivated her to join the Dentistry program at McGill University.

After opening her own clinic, Dr Boudreault quickly became very proficient in all aspects of advanced dentistry while keeping up to date with latest developments in the profession and ensuring that only the utmost quality of treatment is being offered to her patients. Over the past few years, her passion for Esthetic Dentistry and Laser Dentistry has grown dramatically and she has now become one the most respected professionals in the region for the treatment of tongue ties, especially in newborn and babies who struggle with breastfeeding.

Her main professional objectives are to make your experience in the dental office as pleasant and comfortable as possible, to “crush” any dental anxiety that may exist from previous bad experiences at the dentist and to make you feel “at home”. She promises to always make your needs and expectations a priority.

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