11 Common Oral Hygiene Mistakes

Posted by On 12-04-2023

We all know that our oral health is important. It's vital to care for our teeth and gums to avoid cavities, disease, and tooth loss. However, oral hygiene mistakes are catastrophically common. These small mistakes can cause serious issues for our patients in Milton over time. Read More


Itero Scanner: Realistic Predictive Imaging...

Posted by On 20-03-2023

Your smile plays a big role in your confidence. Whether it’s feeling comfortable laughing at your coworker’s joke or grinning in a family photo, having a smile you love showing off is important. For many people, having crooked teeth puts a damper on their smile. Read More

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Root Canal Therapy in Milton: What Foods Can...

Posted by On 6-03-2023

Are you experiencing extreme dental pain? Is one of your teeth darkening in colour, or is the surrounding gum line inflamed and tender? These signs could point to an infection within the pulp and canals of your tooth. Read More


Milton Dentist: Debunking 7 Common Flossing...

Posted by On 21-02-2023

Often, the question that you dread every time you visit the dentist is, “Do you floss regularly?” The truth is that flossing is one of the most essential aspects of maintaining healthy dental hygiene. Read More


5 Advantages of Getting a CEREC Crown at...

Posted by On 7-02-2023

With CEREC technology, Milltown Dental offers the most advanced and safest methods for restoring dental crowns and bridges. Here are a few basics about CEREC technology: Cavities, fillings, and grinding food can wear out the crowns on your teeth over time. Read More