Dental Care For Newborns

Posted by On 26-01-2022

Your baby’s first tooth will appear at 4-6 months, but you should be caring for their oral health long before that! Dental care begins from almost the moment your child is born. Healthy baby teeth set the stage for a healthy set of permanent teeth. Read More

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Debunking 12 Common Dental Myths

Posted by On 12-01-2022

There are many myths and misconceptions about oral hygiene that can lead you astray, thus resulting in damage to your teeth and gums. Let’s investigate 12 common dental myths and set the record straight. Read More

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5 Tips to Keep Your Kids Teeth Healthy...

Posted by On 20-10-2021

There’s nothing you love more in this world than your children. They are almost certainly the light of your life and one of the reasons you get up in the morning and do the things you end up doing every day. Read More

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Exploring Tooth Replacement Options: Which...

Posted by On 6-10-2021

Maybe you didn’t realize how your habits were damaging your teeth, perhaps you didn’t take care of them, or maybe you were just unlucky about how the dental health cards were dealt. Read More

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How Your Dentist Can Fix Migraines

Posted by On 28-09-2021

Migraines are likely something that you would not want to wish even on your worst enemy. Millions of people suffer from these debilitating head surges of pain, particularly among women and those with a family history of the condition. Read More

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