Dental Implant Services

If you’ve been through the unfortunate loss of a tooth or teeth, there are ways to remedy this unfortunate situation with a tooth replacement option known as implant dentistry.

Implant dentistry replaces missing teeth with the most natural-looking and long-lasting results. Implant dentistry is the leading service to help you get that bright, shining smile back.

If loose dentures and fear of damaging your crowns and bridgework are a concern, then dental implants are just right for you. Dental implants provide you with replacement teeth that blend in perfectly with your natural teeth and provide a firm hold to give you a strong and secure tooth. Your dental implants give you back that winning smile in no time.

At Milltown Dental, located in Milton, Ontario, you can feel secure knowing your teeth are in good hands. Here at Milltown Dental, we provide full-mouth restoration and implant crowns and bridges, which provide the stability of a natural tooth with an aesthetically-pleasing finish. If you think that a dental implant is the right decision for you, call Milltown Dental today at (905) 878-8528 to book your appointment.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Implant Crowns & Bridges

  • A crown serves the function of a cap and is placed on a natural tooth, which is not firm enough for basic restorations. Bridges are used to replace a missing tooth or teeth and are held in place by anchoring it to its neighbouring teeth. In order to secure the implant crown or bridge, an implanted titanium post is utilized to secure either the crown to the jaw or provide additional stability to a bridge when multiple teeth are replaced.
  • Implant crowns and bridges offer several benefits. The result provides one of the most strong, natural feeling bites and with the proper care, they can last a lifetime. Crowns and bridges help prevent your teeth from shifting and help stimulate your jaw to prevent deterioration of bone.
  • Your first stop on your dental implant journey is a consultation with Dr. Julie Boudreault to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for the implant. A candidate is an individual with a strong jaw bone that is able to support the crown or bridge and with good oral health. Once the implant is determined to be appropriate for you, the first step can take place.
    • The implants are inserted into your jawbone. Your implant is given time to heal, allowing a bond to form between your bone and the titanium posts.
    • Once the bond has formed, an abutment is attached to your implants to connect the replacement teeth to the new implants.
    • In order to match your implants to your existing teeth, impressions and images are taken of your teeth, and the crowns/bridges are specially crafted offsite at a dental lab.
    • We ensure that your crowns are a perfect match in terms of colour, look, and fit.
    • The screws on the titanium posts are used to attach your new crowns.

The visual aid below can help you differentiate between an implant crown or bridge.

Full Mouth Restoration Dental Implants & Dental Bridges

Full Mouth Restoration

  • If you feel that your mouth requires quite a bit of work, then Dr. Julie Boudreault may suggest a full-mouth restoration as the best option for you.
  • A full mouth restoration can provide individuals with several severe issues —- such as missing or damaged teeth, and gum disease —- with a comprehensive plan to help treat all their complaints.
  • Full mouth restoration is a complete treatment plan which covers restorative, cosmetic, and periodontal issues.
  • Full mouth restoration can help address the following issues:
    • Missing teeth
    • Damaged teeth
    • Faulty bites
    • Gum damage
    • Worn-out dental work
    • Diseases of the mouth
  • Full mouth restoration can include the following restorative and cosmetic treatments:

Why Choose Milltown Dental?

Your teeth and gums work together to create the winning smile you show to the world, so it’s important not to let anything spoil it.

At Milltown Dental, we provide you with the services of the best quality, delivered by our talented dentist, with an expertise in oral health and dental treatments. When it comes to your teeth, trust a dentist with years of experience and the knowledge to provide you with all the tools to make an informed decision about your oral health.

We provide a comprehensive list of services, from medical to cosmetic, to give you precisely what you need. Contact Milltown Dental today at (905) 878-8528 to learn more.

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