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At Milltown Dental, Dr. Julie offers a number of tooth replacement solutions. Partial, and removable dentures are an affordable option to help restore your smile and avoid further oral health issues caused by missing teeth and gaps.

What is a partial denture?

A partial denture is a removable dental appliance used to restore missing teeth, and assist in restoring jaw function. Partial dentures are durable, and comfortable providing a secure fit and natural look. The teeth of the dentures are made of resin or porcelain and are customized to match your existing teeth in colour and shape. Your replacement teeth are affixed to a partial plate that fits snug in your mouth to hold your teeth in place.

How are partial dentures made?

We will take an impression of your gums to create a mould for the plate of your denture. A model of the plate will be created from wax to test for fit. The plate will then be crafted of acrylic resin that is tinted to match the colour of your natural gums. Plates can also be made from a sturdy metal which can be used in areas of the mouth where they will not be as obvious. Your artificial teeth are then constructed and affixed to the plate.

When are partial dentures used?

Partial dentures are the ideal choice to replace missing teeth that have left gaps in your smile or bite. They will assist in avoiding shrinking soft tissue and your supporting jaw bone, improving your oral health. They will also help maintain a healthy bite, and allow you to eat, speak and chew properly while improving the look of your smile.

Why is it important to replace missing teeth?

Missing teeth can lead to many oral health issues. Partial dentures can assist with further issues including:
  • Keeping your gums, jawbone and facial muscles functioning properly
  • Preventing shifting of teeth

Why choose partial dentures?

Partial and removable dentures offer an affordable tooth replacement dental appliance that is less-invasive than other options such as implants. They restore the look of your smile, while providing functionality for your bite without interfering with speech. They are easy to care for and can be replaced or repaired in case of damage or loss quickly. If you are interested in learning more about partial dentures, give us a call today at (905) 878-8528.
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