Invisalign Aligners: Foods and Beverages to...

Posted by On 23-11-2022

Invisalign braces were developed in the 1990s to gradually correct gapped or crowded teeth, as well as mild bite problems. They are a discreet option for straightening your teeth that do not require adjustments at the dental office. Read More

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How to Spot and Treat Night-Time Teeth...

Posted by On 18-11-2022

Do you wake up in the morning with an achy jaw? Or, have you noticed that your teeth are looking chipped or cracked? You may be experiencing night-time teeth clenching. Read More

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What to Expect During a Root Canal Treatment

Posted by On 19-09-2022

Root canal treatment often gets a bad reputation due to misconceptions about the treatment from inaccurate blogs and people uneducated on the subject. However, proper information on what to expect during and after the procedure helps you prepare for the treatment. Read More

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6 Reasons Why You May Need Tooth Extraction

Posted by On 12-09-2022

Your teeth are a vital and sensitive part of your mouth. The slightest damage to them may result in excruciating pain or swelling, and, ultimately, their removal to ease the discomfort. Read More

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8 Signs Your Child Has Tongue-Tie

Posted by On 27-07-2022

Tongue-tie is a condition many babies have. However, the symptoms of this condition can be subtle and, therefore, hard to recognize. If left untreated, tongue-tie could cause several complications for a child. Read More

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