How Your Dentist Can Fix Migraines

Posted by On 28-09-2021

Migraines are likely something that you would not want to wish even on your worst enemy. Millions of people suffer from these debilitating head surges of pain, particularly among women and those with a family history of the condition.Read More

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Should You Save or Extract Your Tooth?

Posted by On 22-09-2021

In a perfect world your teeth would never run into any issues. They would stay strong and look attractive for decades, even as the rest of your body ages.  Unfortunately we don’t live in that world.Read More

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Top 5 Tips for Maintaining Your Porcelain...

Posted by On 31-08-2021

A beaming white smile isn’t something that has to be reserved for anyone. In fact, just about anyone with a bit of cash lying around can commit to getting porcelain veneers on their teeth for an effortless ivory shine.Read More

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8 Common Myths About Tongue-Tie

Posted by On 8-02-2021

Tongue-tie, or “ankyloglossia” by its medical name, refers to the condition when a baby is born with their tongue attached to the bottom of their mouth.Read More

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What to Do After You’ve Chipped a Tooth

Posted by On 21-12-2020

Chipping a tooth can cause some panic if you don’t know what to do. The good news is that, often, chipped teeth are painless. Unless the chip is deep enough to reach the soft inner layer of the tooth at the nerve, the most pain you’ll feel will be more like a “sensitivity.Read More