8 Common Myths About Tongue-Tie

Posted by On 27-06-2022

Tongue-tie, or “ankyloglossia” by its medical name, refers to the condition when a baby is born with their tongue attached to the bottom of their mouth.Read More

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Is Getting a Frenectomy Worth It?

Posted by On 17-05-2022

Have you recently been told that your child is tongue-tied? Or, have you learned that your own dental issues are caused by ankyloglossia? If this is the case, you’ve likely been recommended a frenectomy.Read More

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6 Ways That Newborns Can Benefit From...

Posted by On 9-05-2022

Is your newborn struggling to latch on during breastfeeding? Or, have you noticed that their tongue appears heart-shaped when they cry? Is their tongue unable to move from side to side? These are signs that your baby may be tongue-tied.Read More

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6 Signs and Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Posted by On 22-03-2022

An oral cancer diagnosis is scary. Early oral cancer screening in Milton can help detect signs of oral cancer and enhance your chances of living a long, healthy, cancer-free life. Oral cancer is a cancer of the mouth.Read More

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Dental Care For Newborns

Posted by On 26-01-2022

Your baby’s first tooth will appear at 4-6 months, but you should be caring for their oral health long before that! Dental care begins from almost the moment your child is born. Healthy baby teeth set the stage for a healthy set of permanent teeth.Read More

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