Itero Scanner: Realistic Predictive Imaging...

Posted by On 20-03-2023

Your smile plays a big role in your confidence. Whether it’s feeling comfortable laughing at your coworker’s joke or grinning in a family photo, having a smile you love showing off is important. For many people, having crooked teeth puts a damper on their smile.Read More

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Milton Dentist: Debunking 7 Common Flossing...

Posted by On 21-02-2023

Often, the question that you dread every time you visit the dentist is, “Do you floss regularly?” The truth is that flossing is one of the most essential aspects of maintaining healthy dental hygiene.Read More

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Pediatric Dentist in Milton: Is Nitrous...

Posted by On 10-01-2023

For some children, going to the dentist can be a stressful process, especially if they are experiencing any anxiety. At Milltown Dental, we maintain a warm, friendly environment, and offer customized services that meet the needs of every family member.Read More

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How to Spot Signs of Gum Disease

Posted by On 22-12-2022

Gum disease is a severe condition that can cause tooth loss in adults. The slow process of gum, tooth, and bone deterioration is mostly painless, making it hard to detect. It begins as a mild infection of the gums, and can be treated successfully with enough warning.Read More


The Connection Between Cavities and Heart...

Posted by On 13-12-2022

There are many benefits that come with visiting your dentist on a regular basis. Consistent professional cleanings help keep your mouth healthy and your smile bright.Read More