10 Helpful Tips to Remove Your Invisalign Aligners

Posted by On 20-02-2024

Many of our Milton patients prefer to straighten their smiles with Invisalign. Not only is it highly effective and efficient for minor to moderate spacing and misalignment issues, but it’s also incredibly subtle.

Unlike traditional metal braces, however, Invisalign aligners are not permanently affixed to your teeth. They have to be removed when you eat or drink. You also receive a new set of clear aligners every two weeks.

This means you’ll be removing your Invisalign aligners a lot! (Just make sure you’re still wearing them for 20 to 22 hours per day.) So, with that in mind, here are ten helpful tips to make it easier to take out your aligners.

1. Make sure your mouth is warm

It’s significantly harder to remove Invisalign after having a very cold (or even cool) drink. Many of our Milton patients have had this experience.

Cool temperatures cause the plastic material to stiffen, making your aligners less flexible and harder to remove. Consequently, you will likely find it tougher to loosen your aligners after enjoying a refreshingly cold drink.

However, it is also not a good idea to have a hot drink before attempting to remove your aligners. Drinking something hot while wearing your Invisalign can warp and distort the plastic. This can damage your aligners and make them less effective.

The best way to remove your aligner is when your mouth is at its normal temperature.

2. Start from the back of your mouth

To remove your Invisalign, start from the back of your mouth and gradually move towards the front. Position your fingertips on the inside of a back molar and pull the aligner away from your teeth.

Repeat this process with each molar before slowly working your way towards the front of your mouth. The aligner should lift off easily. This is far simpler than starting with your front teeth.

You can also start with one back molar and then work your way around your mouth until you reach the opposing molar.

If you have attachments, then the aligner can be harder to remove. In that case, start with the easier bits and focus on the harder parts last. Do not tug on the aligners if one side is not releasing. You could break your Invisalign!

3. Use paper towels to improve your grip

Thick paper towels can increase your grip on your aligners. Both paper towels and regular kitchen paper should do the trick. Simply take the paper towel in your hand, place it over the tooth, grasp the aligner firmly, and pull it off. Again, start with your back molars before attempting the front section of your mouth.

4. Alternatively, wear surgical gloves

You can also use surgical gloves to improve your grip. Do not use the thick rubber gloves that are used for housework since it will be too difficult to feel what you’re doing.

Thin surgical gloves, on the other hand, allow you to accurately feel while increasing your grip. Some patients prefer these gloves since they offer more control than paper towels.

5. Purchase an aligner hook

Aligner hooks are designed specifically to help you remove your Invisalign aligners. They look similar to a crochet hook and are particularly helpful if your Invisalign has attachments.

To use, place the hook at the end of your aligner and gently lift it away from your teeth to detach it. Be careful when using an aligner hook to prevent gum or teeth injury and damage to your aligner.

6. It can be easier with a dry mouth

Just having a drier mouth can make it easier to remove your Invisalign aligners. Try opening your mouth for a few seconds prior to taking out your tray. You should ensure that your fingers are dry as well. This can improve your grip and make your aligners easier to remove.

7. Keep your nails short

It’s best to have short nails throughout your Invisalign treatment. Not only is it easier to grip and remove your aligners, but you’re also less likely to accidentally injure your mouth in the process. Ultimately, long nails are both cumbersome and a hazard to your oral health.

8. Give it some time

Invisalign aligners are hardest to remove right after insertion. Generally, the first time that you remove a specific set of aligners will be the toughest. This is when the aligners are tightest, making it harder to loosen their grip on your teeth. Sometimes, just waiting an extra hour can make it far easier.

9. Don’t forget to relax

As soon as you start feeling frustrated, stressed, and flustered, removing your Invisalign aligners becomes that much harder. If your aligners are just not budging, we recommend waiting at least 10 minutes before trying again.

Take a few deep breaths and try to relax. Your Invisalign aligners will be easier to remove if you’re feeling relaxed and calm. You’re also less likely to damage your aligners or hurt your teeth.

10. Still concerned? Talk to your dentist

If you have any questions or concerns about your Invisalign aligners, don’t hesitate to contact the dentists at Milltown Dental. We can walk you through the removal process and provide additional tips to help you along.

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