11 Root Canal Myths Debunked

Posted by On 23-11-2023

Getting a root canal isn’t as scary as you may think. Despite what you might have heard online, these procedures are neither painful nor risky. 

They’re incredibly straightforward, safe, and routine. Your dentist at Milltown Dental has performed this procedure hundreds—if not thousands—of times before. 

Thanks to advances in modern dentistry, root canal treatment feels comparable to having a cavity filled. Although you may feel a little discomfort, you will not experience significant pain. Similarly, your recovery post-surgery is easy to manage.

We want you to feel comfortable and calm about your upcoming root canal treatment at Milltown Dental. And so, we are debunking 11 myths surrounding root canal therapy, including the lie that root canals are painful.

Keep reading to learn why root canals are nothing to fear. If you have any additional questions, contact the team at Milltown Dental in Milton, Ontario.

1. MYTH: Root canals are painful.

It’s a common assumption that root canals inflict unbearable pain. Many people try to avoid the procedure for this very reason! However, the reality is that root canal treatments alleviate pain, not cause more of it. 

During the procedure, your dentist removes the infected tissue inside your tooth. Since the infection is the source of your pain and discomfort, you will begin to feel better once it is removed.

Local anesthesia numbs the area, preventing you from feeling any pain. At the very most, you may feel some slight discomfort. 

Your endodontist at Milltown Dental is an expert in pain management. With their expertise and modern anesthetics, your root canal will be painless.

2. MYTH: It’s better to get a tooth extraction.

If the tooth is infected, why not just pull it out? The truth is that there is no genuine replacement for a natural tooth. Dental professionals prefer root canals over extractions because they preserve your natural tooth while removing the infection. 

Tooth extractions can only be used as a last resort when saving the tooth is impossible. Plus, extractions require more time, more intense treatment, and more money.

3. MYTH: It’s okay to delay a root canal.

You should never delay having a root canal done. If your dentist says that you need a root canal, it’s because you need one. Postponing this necessary dental treatment puts you at risk for worsening infection, tooth loss, bone loss, dental abscesses, sepsis, systemic inflammation, and further unbearable pain.

The sooner your root canal, the sooner the infection can be removed, and you will feel better. You can avoid a tooth extraction and additional complications that put your health at risk.

4. MYTH: Root canal therapy is complicated.

Root canals are a standard dental procedure your Milton dentist has performed countless times. They are not long, arduous, or complex. The team at Milltown Dental will be able to answer any questions and explain the procedure to you entirely.

5. MYTH: Root canals require multiple appointments.

Most root canals take only 60–90 minutes, meaning they are performed in a single dental visit. Two appointments may be necessary when the infection and inflammation are more severe. 

6. MYTH: The root of the tooth is removed.

The roots of your teeth are not removed during a root canal. Your dentist removes the infected, inflamed tissue (pulp) within the crown and inside the roots. 

They also remove the nerve of the tooth. However, the roots are left in place because they anchor the tooth to your jawbone. 

7. MYTH: You need a root canal if your tooth hurts.

A toothache means that something is wrong. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need a root canal. Many different conditions can lead to tooth pain. Cavities, gum disease, and cracks can all cause teeth to ache. 

These conditions require prompt treatment, and failing to act could, eventually, necessitate a root canal. After all, a fractured or decayed tooth is more prone to infection. 

If you have a toothache, you should contact Milltown Dental immediately. It’s critical to resolve tooth pain quickly—before it gets worse.

8. MYTH: You don’t need a root canal if your tooth doesn't hurt.

Sometimes, you may still require a root canal even if your tooth doesn’t hurt. If your toothache disappeared mysteriously, it could indicate that the infection killed the nerves in the root of your tooth. 

Your dentist will test the tooth to see if the pulp has been infected or damaged. 

9. MYTH: The only thing a root canal does is alleviate pain.

Yes, a root canal will end your pain and discomfort. This treatment also preserves the natural tooth and eliminates the need for a dental implant. A tooth that has undergone a root canal will last a lifetime. 

Also, root canals prevent the infection from spreading to other teeth and parts of your body.

10. MYTH: Root canals cause illnesses.

It is a complete myth that root canals can cause illness. This false claim is based on poorly designed research from the 1920s, which has long been debunked. There is no valid scientific evidence linking root canals to any disease. Root canal therapy is safe. 

Furthermore, a root canal is the only way to remove the infection from the body. The infection can spread and cause other serious health conditions if left unaddressed.

11. MYTH: Root canal results are temporary.

A root canal treated tooth should last a lifetime with proper care. Just continue brushing twice daily, flossing once daily, and visiting your dentist every six months in Milton. Providing that you look after your oral health, you should see the full benefits of your root canal therapy.

A few weeks after your procedure, your dentist places a permanent crown or filling to prevent bacteria and food particles from entering your tooth and causing another infection.

Milltown Dental: Root Canal Therapy in Milton

If you’re experiencing tooth pain, don’t hesitate to contact the dental team at Milltown Dental in Milton. It’s essential to diagnose the cause of your toothache and determine if root canal therapy is needed.

Remember, root canals are perfectly safe, straightforward, and virtually painless. Any infection within the dental pulp must be addressed immediately to preserve the tooth and stop the infection from spreading. Once the infection is removed, your tooth will heal, and the pain will stop.

To learn more about root canal therapy in Milton, call Milltown Dental at (833) 318-3281 or contact us here .


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