8 Common Dental Conditions That May Require Full Mouth Restoration

Posted by On 25-09-2023

If you have a cavity, you get a filling. If your teeth are misaligned, orthodontics can help. Yet what should you do if multiple ongoing dental conditions wreak havoc on your oral health? It's impossible to live a vibrant life when eating, smiling, laughing, and talking hurts.

Full mouth restorations resolve multiple oral health problems to restore the function and appearance of your mouth. Your dentist in Milton might recommend a complete mouth restoration because of various dental conditions. We'll cover eight common conditions in this article.

What is a full mouth restoration?

A full mouth restoration is a comprehensive dental procedure that addresses restorative, cosmetic, and periodontal issues. This treatment is recommended for patients with multiple advanced dental issues such as tooth loss, tooth damage, bite problems, and more.

Although full mouth restorations can require several appointments, the result is a fully transformed and functional mouth.

Do you need full mouth restoration?

Dr. Boudreault at Milltown Dental will determine if you need a full mouth restoration in Milton. This procedure treats oral health issues involving teeth, gums, and jaw.

Here are the eight most common dental conditions requiring full mouth restoration.

1. Widespread tooth loss

If you're missing multiple teeth, you may need full mouth restoration. Because replacing multiple teeth is complicated, a single crown or dental bridge won't work. Instead, you will likely require multiple dental restoration procedures to replace clusters of missing teeth.

Alternatively, all the teeth in your upper and/or lower jaw may need replacing. To help you regain a fully functional bite and beautiful smile, you may receive implants, bridges, dentures, or an All-on-4.

2. Broken or damaged teeth

Broken, cracked, or severely damaged teeth are serious problems. Not only can they be unsightly for your smile, but they can also lead to infection, additional breakage, tooth decay, and tooth loss.

Cracks and breaks expose your tooth to infection and decay, which can result in the need for a root canal or extraction. During a full mouth restoration, your dentist may repair teeth with fillings, crowns, implants, or bridges.

3. Extremely worn-down enamel

Diet, acid reflux, eating disorders, improper brushing, and teeth grinding can wear down your tooth enamel over time. Weak or thin tooth enamel makes you more susceptible to dental problems like breakage, decay, and infection.

As your teeth and enamel deteriorate, you are more likely to develop one or more of these serious oral health issues. Any of which could necessitate a full mouth reconstruction.

4. Ongoing tooth pain

Your teeth should not hurt. Ongoing tooth pain strongly indicates something is severely wrong with your tooth. If your tooth pain goes unaddressed, you will experience even more severe oral health complications. The pain could be a sign of an infection within your tooth that will only worsen with time.

You might also be grinding your teeth, which can cause your gums to recede, crack your teeth, or wear down your enamel.

5. Temporomandibular joint disorders

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders can cause pain in your face, jaw, neck, shoulders, and ears. It can make chewing uncomfortable and prevent your mouth from opening wide. Some TMJ disorders are caused by misaligned bites that place uneven pressure throughout the mouth.

In these cases, full mouth restoration can help. The procedure reconfigures your bite to evenly distribute pressure, relieving your TMJ symptoms.

6. Difficulty eating or speaking

In healthy mouths, the teeth, gums, and jaw work together so that you can speak, bite, and chew properly. If you're finding it difficult or painful to eat or speak, then something is wrong. You may have an oral disease (like periodontitis) or a tooth infection.

Regardless, it's vital to seek professional dental care. Depending on the severity of your condition, your dentist in Milton may recommend full mouth restoration.

7. Severe bite problems

Full mouth restoration can be used to address severe bite problems. A faulty bite can cause headaches, neck pain, and difficulty chewing. It can also lead to other oral health problems that compromise the mouth's function.

Consequently, correcting bite problems is essential to prevent tooth decay, excessive wear and tear, and TMJ disorders.

8. Complex dental issues

If you have multiple dental complications, full mouth reconstruction can help. For example, you may be experiencing tooth decay, gum disease, tooth misalignment, and bite issues.

Full Mouth Restoration Services in Milton

Milltown Dental in Milton offers the following full mouth restoration procedures. These are a combination of restorative and cosmetic treatments.

  • Dental crowns, bridges, and fillings
  • Inlays and Onlays
  • Dental bonding
  • Gum recontouring
  • TMJ treatments
  • Bite treatments
  • Bruxism (teeth grinding) treatments
  • Periodontal treatments
  • Tooth extractions
  • Root canal therapy
  • Orthodontics

What to Expect for Your Full Mouth Restoration

Full mouth restorations involve a comprehensive evaluation, treatment planning, multiple appointments, and regular checkups.

First, your dentist evaluates the state of your mouth with a visual inspection, x-rays, and possibly impressions of your teeth, jaws, and gums. They will ask about your goals and concerns before developing an individualized treatment plan that meets your expectations.

You may require multiple treatments depending on your oral health. Some issues (such as tooth decay) must be fixed first.

Your dentist at Milltown Dental will recommend the best treatments that meet your unique needs and the ideal order of procedures. The overall time of your full mouth restoration varies between patients.

Contact Milltown Dental for Full Mouth Restoration in Milton

Your Milton dentist may recommend a full mouth restoration if you're dealing with multiple, severe, and ongoing dental conditions. A full mouth restoration will restore your mouth's function and appearance while resolving your pain and discomfort. A successful restoration addresses all your dental problems and achieves long-lasting results.

With more than 15 years of industry experience, Dr. Boudreault and her team at Milltown Dental provide comprehensive solutions to your oral health problems. Our goal is to help you maintain a beautiful, healthy smile for life.

To learn more about full mouth restoration in Milton, call Milltown Dental at (833) 318-3281 or contact us here.

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