Everything You Need to Know About CEREC Crowns

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Dental crowns and bridges are artificial restorations for teeth that are fractured, deformed, worn down, or discoloured. They support the teeth to prevent further wearing and also whiten the teeth. CEREC crowns are perfect for restoring your teeth.

At Milltown dental, we offer the most sophisticated and safest methods available in modern technology to restore your dental crowns and bridges in Milton using CEREC technology.

You should consider having CEREC crowns attached to your teeth if they have been recently broken or you have had root canal therapy, and we have explained why.

What are CEREC crowns?

CEREC is an abbreviation for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. It also stands for ceramic reconstruction.

CEREC crowns are dental prosthetics placed permanently on a targeted tooth that cannot support a filling, rundown by bacteria, chipped off, or discoloured, to protect it from further wearing. These crowns resemble a cap, and we only place them on compromised teeth.

Over time, the crown of your teeth may become worn out because of cavities, fillings, and constantly grinding food with them. Misalignment and gaps in your teeth could also be a reason to consider dental crowns or bridges. Whatever the situation, at Milltown Dental in Milton, we want to help you make the finest dental selections while still preserving the aesthetics of your teeth.

While porcelain is the most common material used in the making of dental crowns, materials such as Zirconia, Resin and Telio are used in contrast.

How are CEREC crowns installed?

CEREC crowns are installed using a CEREC machine that uses 3D-printing technology to produce artificial dental caps for your teeth.

The CEREC machine has two compartments: the CEREC machine proper and the milling machine. The CEREC machine uses Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing to produce custom-made 3D-printed ceramic crowns.

To fit a CEREC crown onto your teeth, your dentist first uses Omnicam, an imaging camera, to scan the targeted teeth into the computer with the design software used to construct the dental crown accurately. The design goes to the milling unit, which grinds and moulds the ceramic into the perfect crown.

Finally, it is glazed, painted with unique colouring that makes the crown's colour identical to that of your tooth and then glued to your tooth.

Advantages of a CEREC Crown

With CEREC crowns, the advantages are innumerable and quite noticeable. Some of the benefits of CEREC crowns are:

1. Durability

This dental prosthetic is long-lasting and resilient. CEREC crowns can last up to ten years. They save your time and need for future dental appointments as they could last a lifetime without wearing out. Porcelain material has excellent tensile strength.

2. One-Visit Procedure

We all dread spending the entire day at the dentist to go back the next day to finish a brief operation. With CEREC crowns, you never face this problem, as the implantation takes no more than an hour to complete. You complete all you need to do in one dental appointment. Your smile is restored, and your teeth are strengthened.

3. Custom-made

With CEREC crowns, it is not a one size fits all affair. The CEREC machine uses top-tier three-dimensional CEREC software to ensure that dental crowns fit comfortably on your teeth and that they are custom-made to suit the needs of your teeth, be they aesthetic or practical needs.

Our custom-made dental crown services make you feel more confident about your teeth, whether full-coverage or partial crowns.

4. Fashionable

Dental crowns and bridges are usually made of porcelain because they have natural teeth texture and colour. Dental crowns imitate the look and feel of your regular teeth, so you feel no different, giving you that little confidence boost.

5. No Allergic Reactions

It is common knowledge that the mouth is a sensitive part of the human body and needs protection. The materials used in CEREC crowns do not cause any allergic reaction, nor can they harm your mouth over time. They are safe and easy to install.

Which is better, a traditional crown or a CEREC crown?

Traditional crowns are another option available for the restoration of dental caps. They are pretty different from the CEREC crowns in several ways. Which are;

  1. In traditional crowns, a mould of your teeth is first taken. After which, a temporary crown is placed on your teeth which may hold before your next appointment, where the traditional crown is tested to see if it fits.

    In cases where the crown does not fit, you will need to return to the dentist until you get the perfect crown. This procedure is time-consuming compared to the short time it takes to get a CEREC crown.
  2. Traditional crowns do not always offer the aesthetic appeal of CEREC crowns because of some materials used. Traditional crowns sometimes use metal that is noticeably different in colour from the usual off-whitish colour of a natural tooth.
  3. Allergic reactions are almost unavoidable because you could be allergic to the metal used in traditional crown dental restorations.

Considering that CEREC crowns and traditional crowns cost almost the same depending on your insurance and location, we at Milltown dental believe that CEREC crowns are the best option to protect your smile and teeth.

Where can I get a CEREC crown?

We offer a broad range of dental services, including restoring your dental crowns and bridges, at Milltown Dental, and we conduct our procedures so that you do not feel pain. We do this by using modern-day anesthetics to numb your teeth and prevent any discomfort you might feel as we install the CEREC crown.

To book an appointment or learn more about CEREC crowns, call Milltown Dental at 833-318-3281 or contact us here.

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