Itero Scanner: Realistic Predictive Imaging for Aligners and Braces Now Available in Milton

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Your smile plays a big role in your confidence. Whether it’s feeling comfortable laughing at your coworker’s joke or grinning in a family photo, having a smile you love showing off is important. For many people, having crooked teeth puts a damper on their smile. Thanks to Invisalign clear aligners and braces, however, anyone can transform their teeth and begin to smile with confidence.

Invisalign treatments work best when they are developed from highly accurate and precise dental scans. Plus, Invisalign aligners are more comfortable to wear when they fit better. It is crucial to have high-quality and highly detailed impressions of your mouth.

iTero Intraoral Scanners are the latest in cutting-edge technology when it comes to realistic predictive imaging for clear aligners and braces. That being said, these devices are not available everywhere. You can find them, however, at Milltown Dental in Milton, Ontario.

In this blog, we have included everything you need to know about the iTero scanner. To learn more, keep reading ahead.

What is an iTero Scanner?

iTero Intraoral Scanner rapidly produces three-dimensional dental images. These devices scan patients' mouths, capturing images to produce detailed renderings that are superior to the traditional two-dimensional images commonly used.

As a result, iTero Intraoral digital scans are ideal for creating accurate physical dental modes, which can be used for various restorative works. Additionally, they assist with orthodontic diagnoses and are useful for developing effective treatment plans.

What does an iTero Scanner do?

Essentially, iTero Scanner makes it easier to measure your mouth and offers a significantly higher degree of precision. Even the smallest details are captured! These machines are also more comfortable for patients.

How does an iTero Intraoral Scanner work?

Intraoral scanners use a wand to capture thousands of frames per second of a patient’s mouth. A dental professional moves the wand around your mouth, even capturing images of your back molars that were, traditionally, difficult to reach. These thousands of frames are combined to create an incredibly detailed three-dimensional rendering.

iTero wands are small in size, allowing dental professionals to effectively scan hard-to-reach areas. Furthermore, small wands are less likely to make you gag. They can be used on anyone, no matter how wide someone can open their mouth.

iTero Scanners also display dental images in real time. There’s no waiting to send scans to a lab only to hear back in a few weeks that the images were inadequate.

Why use an iTero Scanner over traditional methods?

iTero Scanners are significantly more comfortable than traditional methods. While traditional methods use cumbersome machines or gradually hardening materials, iTero Scanners use a small wand that is far less intrusive.

When patients feel uncomfortable, they are more likely to squirm and alter the results of the impressions. In these cases, there is a greater likelihood of errors. This means that any aligners, braces, or mouthguards created from these impressions might not fit correctly. Over time, improperly fitted devices can negatively affect your skeletal structure. Prosthetic devices will require more fine-tuning to fit correctly.

All in all, iTero digital dental images are more accurate, faster to record, less prone to errors, and require fewer retakes than traditional methods.

How iTero Scanners Improve Invisalign Orthodontics

iTero Intraoral Scanners are compatible with the Invisalign system, including the Invisalign Outcome Simulator. This allows orthodontists to show patients how their Invisalign treatment will look. Consequently, patients feel more confident in their diagnosis and treatment plan. They know what to expect and get a preview of the final outcome.

iTero Scanners also speed up the process of getting your Invisalign clear aligners. The digital dental scans from iTero are posted to the Invisalign Doctor Site three times faster than traditional polyvinyl siloxane scans. This means that you can start your treatment faster than ever before.

Additionally, iTero intraoral scans result in better Invisalign treatment plans. Orthodontists that use iTero renderings have ten times fewer rejections. There are also seven times fewer issues with the fit of the Invisalign aligners. Furthermore, iTero scanners can be used to track your progress and make adjustments.

Summary of the Benefits of iTero Scanners

1. iTero Scanners produce better results

iTero digital dental scans are more accurate, more detailed, and more precise than those produced by any other method. Traditional methods often require two or three attempts to get an accurate impression.

On the other hand, iTero Scanners are ten times more likely to produce an accurate result on the first try. As a result, your Invisalign clear aligner will fit better, making them more comfortable to wear and leading to better results.

2. iTero Scanners save time

iTero Scanners produce an accurate scan in minutes. In fact, patients are in and out in under five minutes. No more waiting in the dentist’s chair as moulds of your teeth are taken! You can get back to your busy schedule with far less inconvenience.

3. iTero Scanners speed up the Invisalign process

Thanks to iTero Scanners, you can now start your Invisalign treatment faster. You should get your new aligners three times faster with iTero scans than other methods.

4. iTero Scanners are comfortable

Unlike other methods, getting your impressions taken by an iTero Scanner is comfortable. This device is designed to fit comfortably in your mouth. You can breathe and swallow easily throughout the (brief) process.

5. iTero Scanners are safe

iTero Scanners are free from radiation, so they are safe to use for everyone. This includes pregnant women.

6. iTero Scanners produce a preview of your new smile

With an iTero Intraoral Scanner, you can get a preview of your new smile before you begin your Invisalign treatment. Not only is this exciting, but it can help you feel more confident going forward.

iTero Intraoral Scanner Is Now at Milltown Dental

The journey to the smile of your dreams begins at Milltown Dental in Milton. Invisalign clear aligners and braces are reliable, effective methods of adjusting crooked teeth to create a stunning smile. Both methods work best when they are based on digital dental scans from iTero Intraoral Scanners.

iTero Intraoral Scanner is cutting-edge dental technology that produces accurate, precise, and detailed impressions of your mouth. They are available at Milltown Dental in Milton.

To learn more about iTero Scanners, call Milltown Dental at (833) 318-3281 or contact us here.

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    The scanner is more comfortable for patients than traditional dental impressions, and it produces highly accurate results. Thanks for this article.