12 Benefits of Dental Implants

Posted by On 17-08-2020

Losing a tooth can be devastating to your dental health. Over time, the gap left behind can ruin the appearance of your smile and also cause shifting of your other teeth. While it might seem unnecessary to look for a tooth replacement solution for missing teeth that aren’t noticeable, there are many reasons all missing teeth should be replaced. The best option for teeth replacement is dental implants, which use a tiny titanium alloy screw surgically implanted into your jawbone. The screw provides a root to firmly affix your false tooth in your mouth, just like your natural teeth. Implants not only look like a real tooth but also mimic the same function as a real tooth complete with its root. This makes it the healthiest and most natural option available. Here are 12 benefits to dental implants:

1. Dental implants look real

This is the first place to start, as most people worry about how a missing tooth or even a “false” tooth will look. The replacement tooth used for dental implants provides the most realistic looking tooth available. You will have your perfect smile back along with your confidence.

2. Dental implants feel real

Having a bridge or removable denture can help with the appearance of your smile, but that’s where the similarities between your real tooth and false tooth end. Dental implants, however, not only look real but also feel real as well. You will enjoy the same secure fit, as the tooth is affixed to the implanted screw so you can chew more easily and feel confident your new tooth won’t fall out.

3. Better oral health

When you lose a tooth, your entire oral health is put at risk. As mentioned, the gap allows your other teeth to shift, as they no longer have support to hold them in place. You will begin to see issues with the appearance of your smile and your bite. When your bite is not aligned, it can lead to other issues, including jaw pain and TMJ syndrome. As your oral health deteriorates, you could potentially lose more teeth as the shifting leads to bone loss and gum disease.

4. Healthier diet

The realistic fit of dental implants makes it possible for you to continue enjoying a healthy diet and foods that you would otherwise have to avoid with other dental work. For example, it can be difficult to enjoy eating corn on the cob, ribs, or even an apple if you are missing a front tooth. Missing molars can also make it difficult to enjoy many foods, as chewing becomes less effective. This can lead to avoiding healthy food choices that can cause discomfort and difficulty chewing due to your missing teeth or less comfortable appliances, like removable dentures.

5. Keeps you looking younger

Dental Implants help you avoid the effects of poorly fitting dentures or missing teeth, as they help you avoid bone loss. Bone loss can cause your face to change drastically over time, causing you to appear haggard and older. This is caused by a compressed or shrunken jaw, which can lead to sagging skin, sunken cheeks and cheekbones, droopy skin along the nose, and even a jutting “witch chin.”

6. Jawbone stimulation

Bone loss can occur when you don’t have proper stimulation. Healthy tooth roots help stimulate the jaw, so it remains strong. If you wear dentures or partial dentures, you reduce the stimulation provided by your roots. However, when you have dental implants, the titanium poles affix to your jawbone and act in the same manner as your natural tooth roots.

7. Improved quality of life

It might seem odd that missing teeth can affect your quality of life, but poor dental health can affect you in many ways. First, a healthy smile helps you maintain confidence in social situations, which keeps you active and engaged in life. If you avoid meeting new people, you can become lonely, which can lead to depression. Isolation can also affect your career as you miss out on important interactions that can show management you are worthy of promotion.

You might smile and laugh less, which can affect your sense of well-being while also sending a message to those around you that you are antisocial or unhappy. Your diet can become less healthy, which in turn can lead not only to potential health issues from risk for cancer and heart disease to diabetes but also cause weight gain. This affects your health both mentally and physically, as you might become even more withdrawn due to your appearance. You might avoid more social events if you are self-conscious about eating in front of others due to faulty dentures or your missing teeth.

8. Worry-free

Once your new dental implants are in place, you will find you can get back to the lifestyle you love. You will feel less self-conscious, be able to eat, talk, and laugh without worry, and even feel safer when enjoying activities and sports. Anything that you can do with your natural teeth, you can feel confident doing with your implants.

9. Easy care

Unlike dentures that can require denture adhesives, your dental implants are cared for in the exact same manner as your natural teeth.

10. Comfort

Also, unlike dentures, your dental implants remain comfortable for life. No more worries about a poor fit, looseness, or a poor bite. Your new teeth will be designed to fit in your mouth perfectly and remain that way as long as you take proper care of them.

11. Permanent solution

Unlike dentures, crowns, or bridges, your implants provide a permanent tooth replacement solution. Although they require more time and money upfront, you will have them for life, saving money in the long run. Other teeth replacement solutions require replacement over time, and, depending on your age, this can get expensive.

12. Does not affect other teeth

When you opt for a bridge, the integrity of your adjacent teeth is put at risk. Because the teeth on either side of a bridge must be filed down to accommodate the dental appliance, it affects the tooth structure, which cannot be reversed. This can compromise the long-term health of your other teeth. Even removable dentures can damage your teeth, as they use clasps and attachments, which can cause teeth to loosen over time.

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